2 Way Messaging is a kind of unique SMS Platform, where you can send SMS from a dedicated virtual number in which People will receive the SMS and you will get the reply back. Setup an account with Foxglove’s Bulk SMS platform and send 2 Way SMS to your customers and they will hit their reply and you will get the SMS. This is used for Lead Generation, Live Chats, Order Tracking and Complaints.

2 Way messaging uses keywords, long code and Short code to deliver SMS. The best part of 2 Way Messaging is the instant delivery rate. 2 Way Messaging is a powerful and effective way of communicating and lead generation.

Benefits of Two Way Messaging:

  • Immediate and direct delivery.
  • Cost-effective and ROI.
  • Best Lead Generation Tool.
  • Gaining Valuable Feedback.
  • Encourage Customer Interaction.
  • Real-Time Reports.

Short Code & Long Code

Short Code is a 5 or 6 special digit number used to send and receive SMS. It’s used for lead capture and surveys/feedback.

Long Code is a phone number that enables a business/company to receive SMS text messages, the voice from all over the globe.

Benefits of Short / Long Code:

  • Personalized Communication.
  • Save Time and Effort.
  • High Open Rate.
  • Best Lead Capturing Tool.
  • Targeted Specific Audience.