Automobile is the fastest growing industry in the world. It includes the production of two-wheelers,three-wheelers, and passenger vehicles. As per the increasing demand for the automobile industry the competition is also growing between dealers. So, it uses many ways for sales. And Bulk SMS service is help in automobile sales production. ANd Bulk Sms service is very reliable & effective marketing tool to convey the message to the potential customers. It builds brand Loyalty.

Every industry-main goal is to target audience goals and give them 100% customer satisfaction as per their needs. By using Bulk SMS service you can give bulk customers an informational message in a short time. It is an instant and cost-effective method for the Automobile industry.

How Bulk SMS can help Automobile Industry?

The automobile industry is not about only for conveying a message to customers. The automobile industry has also used it for sales. 95% of people can open and read the inbox messages. That’s why there have maximum chances of connecting with potential customers.

  • Showing your Brand in detail- You can attract customers by showing your brand detail. You can send to customers pricing detail, pictures as an attachment. These types of messages easily attract customers. And generate more conversion rates.
  • Reminder SMS- You can send remainder Sms to the customer which is after-sales services. These services generated loyalty in customers. By our Bulk SMS services, you can remind customers of due payment and vehicle service. 
  • Promotional SMS- you can send them a message by Bulk SMS to your customers of new launches details of vehicles. You can aware of them to new launches and send them to offer SMS also. Bulk SMS for the Automobile industry is the best tool for sales.
  • Send Event Invitation- The automobile industry is the biggest industry which is increasing day by day very fast. And because of this companies regularly held the events. You can send them an invitation Bulk SMS to customers to join the event.
  • Feedback SMS-  By sending Customer feedback SMS, you can know about the feedback of the services you provide. And you get the information about what changes you required in your services.

Promotional and Transactional Bulk SMS for Automobile Industry

Transactional SMS (1)

Promotional SMS

Promotional SMS is used to advertise & promote your business. And Foxglove provides the best Bulk SMS service for the automobile industry. You can connect with your potential customers to send promotional SMS anytime. You can give your customers an update with our reliable and effective services. With our promotional BUlk SMS services, you can increase your productivity and convert your potential customers.

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS

Transactional SMS is used to send important updates, alert messages, and company transaction details. By using bulk SMS, Transactional SMS can also send order & shipping updates and confirmation SMS also for an order. Your customer security is very important to you. You can send OTP SMS also to your customers and feel them secure by your services.