Bulk SMS enables businesses to send SMS nationally and internationally. Every businessman uses this bulk SMS service to reach a large audience globally and deliver mass SMS safely and quickly to connect with customers and is very important for continued sales. We provide promotional and transactional SMS services to customers. Bulk SMS is the best service for promoting and advertising any business.

Foxglove is the largest leading bulk SMS company in Gurgaon and Delhi NCR. And the bulk SMS service is easy to use and operate for every person. It is a lead generator tool as it connects customers who show interest in our products and services. SMS is very short, so it is very easy to read short SMS. Short SMS takes less time to reach customers.

Increases Sales through Bulk SMS

Fast Reach

Bulk SMS is very fast medium to interact with customers than others.

Boost sales

High Percentage of customers reads the messages so it have very high chances of boosting sales.

Engage with customers

By sending special offers to customers and always available for them leads to connecting with customers.

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Foxglove Bulk SMS service in Gurgaon

By name you can understand what type of service promotional is. Promotional SMS is used for promotional information like send discounts, offers to new and existing customers. It is generally used by companies to promote their services and products. Promotional SMS is only sent to non-DND numbers. For sending this SMS the time is specified.

A transnational SMS is a non -marketing automated messaging service in which a company sends messages to existing customers for customer support, welcome SMS, OTP, order confirmation, shipping updates. IT has more chances to connect with customers because every people have their mobile phones. The presence of your message leads to build trust between customers.

How bulk SMS helps to grow business?

Bulk SMS service is best for growing the business. It is proven that 52.2% lead generating from Bulk SMS services than other marketing tools. Every one uses mobile phones so bulk SMS service has very high chances of converting the customers to use our services and products. Bulk SMS services have a very high open-rate. So the chances of connecting with potential customers are very easy.

By sharing useful and informative messages to people is a very good way of attracting. Bulk SMS is used by Many industries and business-like schools, banks, colleges, hospitals, NGOs and many government agencies for promotion, feedback, OTP, reminders and connecting with customers. And it is the Promotional type of SMS. One of the Transactional types of SMS is used for  Register customers who have a high open-rate. Because this type of SMS contains service update, change password, OTP, registration messages, shipping updates,

Benefits of using our bulk SMS service

  1. High open rate 
  2. User-friendly
  3. Instant deliver
  4. High security
  5. Generate maximum ROI
  6. Create a connection with customers

Why choose Bulk SMS service in Gurgaon?

Foxglove provides the best bulk SMS service in Gurgaon with promotional and Transactional SMS. Best API integration provides for sending SMS. Our support team will always available for your help. Track up the system after delivering messages. Our bulk SMS service is easy to use and we offer Bulk SMS services in many industries. We provide you a developer and XML API’s network.

  1. Easy to implement
  2. High reliability & 24*7 services offered by our support team. 
  3. Fully flexible services
  4. Dedicated & Experienced team
  5. Reasonable price
  6. 100% Customer Satisfaction
  7. Easily connect with all Networks