Enterprise Messaging is one of the fastest means of connecting with your customers is by SMS marketing and this can be done with the use of the internet or even without it at a low cost. The automated bulk SMS service from FoxGlove Connect allows you to send instant and immediate messages both Transactional and promotional SMS to your customers in a single method.

International And National SMS

If you are thinking about going for international or national SMS services, then you need to know what enterprise messaging can help you with. There is plenty that one would need to consider when you are thinking about which one to use and some of the main things to take into consideration are:

  • Ability to receive and send messages worldwide through the 2 way SMS message capability
  • Web interface that allows you to have full control over your account and access to reports and real-time logs
  • Web SMS application access
  • Messages are sent and delivered within a few seconds using intelligent message sending capabilities
  • Originator address (OA) or a dynamic sender ID that easily specifies who you are using the number or name
  • Binary SMS based support for ringtones, WAP push, logos, UDH message including headers and vcards.
  • Concatenated messages that are also called multipart SMS messages that are ideal for longer text messages
  • Reports regarding delivery
  • Support for all languages through Unicode SMS

Bulk SMS Campaigns


This option helps you to attract a higher number of customers using loyalty programs, event promotions, promotional codes, discount offers and much more.


These transactional SMS can be used to send a wide variety of messages like referral codes, refunds, feedback, and delivery status of an order, authenticity approval, OTPs and much more.

Choose The Right SMS Broadcast Service For Your Campaign

There is also a lot that you are going to have to think about when you are considering which broadcast services are going to be the best for your upcoming SMS campaign. Some of the main factors include:

Branded IDs For Sender – You can use a brand name in the ID for the sender to personalize your blast SMS campaign

Automated Process – The SMS process can be fully automated and doesn’t require manual input after the scheduling is complete

High Priority SMS Gateway – This gives you exclusive options for gateways for real-time delivery demands of your SMS messages

SMS Scheduling – This allows for advanced scheduling of your SMS so they reach your customers when you want them to rather than waiting to send them when needed.

Track Campaign ROI – You want to know how much you are getting back so you can see some of our simple reports from the dashboard make it easier to see and analyze your return on investment.

White Label – We offer up a white label solution means that no mention of our company FoxGlove Connect will be seen anywhere in the end.

These are just a few of the main things that we can help you with, so why not contact us and get started with your SMS promotional campaign now!


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