A missed call is the fastest way to know what your customer really wants. Use Missed Call Service from Foxglove and generate more leads for your business.

Missed Call Service allows you to connect with your customers and get their contact details with a single pulse (call) free of cost.
Sometimes you don’t need to make a complete call and discuss your issue in detail. If you have a business and want to retain your customers then Missed Call Service is the best way. By using these people won’t have to wait for support agents to answer their queries or issues. They will simply dial number weather it starts with 1800******* or a normal 10 digit virtual number. And you will see the number in your dashboard and a call back will be arranged by your end.

How Missed Call Works

1.  People will dial a number mentioned in the ads.
2. The call will be disconnected after 1 ring.
3.  You will receive a lead on the dashboard.

4. Make a call back request. (Automated/Manual).

Reach the audience that really matters to you!