Foxglove Connect provides One Time Password (OTP) SMS Service, it’s a very secure way that companies/banks using nowadays to perform any online transaction or accessing any website/app. OTP is used for authenticating and verifying the user. In today’s world where everything is been linked with the Internet, we need security to do online transactions and purchasing anything. So for that two-factor authentication (OTP SMS) is the best way because till the time you will not put code on the website or app you won’t be able to access further.

Benefits/Features of OTP SMS:

Sectors using OTP SMS:

  • Increased Security.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience.
  • No Hardware Needed.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty and Engagement.
  • Real-Time Delivery.
  • No More Frauds.
  • Banking & Financial Sectors.
  • Retail & Ecommerce.
  • Online Booking & Recharge.
  • Education Sector.