A Transactional Message is a unique communication and it’s a kind of SMS, which you send to your customers individually and through a secure way to communicate. Unlike Promotional SMS the Transactional SMS are the best ways to send reminders, notifications and individual SMS to customers. The best example of Transactional SMS is the Ecommerce & Banking SMS. Basically, Bulk SMS Route is used in organizations and companies that want to send Transactional SMS. Foxglove is the best Transactional SMS Service provider in India.

Transactional SMS service provider’s purpose is not only for marketing. The main goal of Transactional SMS is to give reliable information to customers about services. Using your sender Id, you can send Transactional SMS services anytime.

Examples Of Transactional SMS Service:

Example 1 of transactional SMS
example of transactional SMS

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Industries that are using Transactional SMS Service:

  • Education Sector- Transactional SMS Service is used for giving information related to studies and holidays to parents and students.
  • E-Commerce Stores. used for sending delivery and order updates to customers through SMS.
  • Financial Institutions- through Bulk SMS provides customer’s information about their account balance and other finance-related services.
  • Real estate- Send property-related information to customers Transactional Sms Services is used.
  • Automobile- You can aware of them to new launches and send them to offer SMS also.
  • Restaurants-  on the online purchase of food, the restaurants give you the message about order confirmation, successfully deliver SMS.

Benefits of Transactional SMS Service Provider:

  1. Quick DeliveryWe ensure our customers that our Bulk Transactional SMS service provides you fast delivery of SMS.
  2. 24*7 Open- You can send Bulk SMS anytime 24*7 hours. 
  3. Send without Approval– Our Transactional SMS service provides you the eligibility of sending SMS without any approval in the Transactional route.
  4. High Open-Rate – Giving reliable information to customers leads to a high open-rate SMS. Customers can read that SMS in a large number.
  5. Both DND & Non-DND Numbers- Our Transactional SMS service is reliable to send SMS in Both DND and non- DND numbers.
  6. Instant Delivery- We ensure our customers that our Bulk Transactional SMS service provides you fast delivery of SMS without any hassle.
  7. Life Time Validity– Our Transactional SMS service provider gives you the lifetime validity of SMS.

Why choose Foxglove for Transactional SMS service?

Foxglove is a leading Transactional SMS service provider company in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR. Our bulk SMS Service provides you instant delivery & reliable messages. Today, sending reliable information is very necessary for customers because With the development of technology people also develop. And they only need the necessary things in their life. If they are not getting credible services than they spam the messages & start searching for alternative options. So, after considering the needs of customers in mind. Send Transactional SMS  to customers with credibility.

With our services, you can send transactional SMS on both DND & non- DND numbers. We don’t compromise in quality. We send messages at the right time. We also offer you tracking up services of messages. If you have any queries with our services, you can contact us by sending an email or call.